Run a report to get fresh data on the status of your project.

The report data is regenerated each time the report is run. You can also refresh the data by clicking the ‘Refresh’ icon in the List Reports page.

  1. Click REPORTS from the Project Home menu.

  2. Click the title of the desired report. The report is generated and displayed.

  3. To edit a report, click REPORTS, select the report you want to edit (select the check box), click Edit, make the changes, and click Save.

  4. To export report data, click REPORTS, select the table report you want to export (click the report title).

  5. On the Export Data window, select an export format (.csv, .xml, .xlsx or tab-delimited file) and select the columns you want on the report and click Export.

  6. To delete reports, click REPORTS, select one or more reports you want to delete (select the check boxes) and click Delete. A confirmation message is displayed. Click OK to delete the selected reports.



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