These are some of the frequently asked questions on search operations in TeamForge.

What resources can be searched on a TeamForge site?

The resources that show up in search results depend on the context in which you are working.

Here is a summary:

Tool Searchable resources
Projects Project id, title/description, created by, project status
Project categories Title, description
  • Web UI: author, subject, content, attachment.
  • Email: we index the original email after we process it.
  • Topics: author, title and description.
  • Forums: title, description, author.
  • Document folders: title, description
  • Documents; version comment, title, status, description, the attachment itself (all versions), authors
SCM Commit message, title, author
  • Tracker title, description, author
  • Artifacts: title, group, category, customer, status, description, authors, tracker, all text flex fields, single-select fields, multi-select fields
  • Artifact attachments: the attachment itself and comments
News Body, title, author
File Releases
  • Packages; title, description, author
  • Releases: title, description, author, maturity, status
  • Files: description, filename
Tasks Title, description, authors, planned
Users Username, full name, email, status, details
  • HTML components: title, content
  • Subpages: page title, component title
Wiki Content of wiki page, using wiki syntax

Occasionally, an exceedingly large or complex document causes the search indexing service to abort.

This is typically when all searches in TeamForge return an exid to the user.

Check the server status page and see if the search server is listed as anything other than OK. If it is not OK, then you should restart the search service by logging into the TeamForge application server as root and issuing the following command:

/opt/collabnet/teamforge/james/james-/bin/ restart

Check the server status page again in TeamForge and ensure that it shows a status of OK. If it shows OK, then searches should now work, and the site will slowly catch up on any indexing requests that were logged while the service was down. If you continue to get exids returned for all searches even with an OK status, then you probably have corrupt search index files.



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