Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 20.0.
  • Fixed—The mandatory field validation for the Assigned To field was failing when its placement in the tracker field order was immediately after an empty (field not filled) user-defined flex field.
  • Fixed—The field width setting, as configured for the user-defined flex fields, was not applied in the Create Artifact, View Artifact and the Mass Update pages.
  • Fixed—There was an issue with generating the printer friendly format (the Print Artifact feature) for tracker artifacts.
  • Fixed—On LDAP-enabled sites, a Distinguished Name (ldap_dn) related issue prevented users from logging on to TeamForge when their Distinguished Name (ldap_dn) is longer than 128 characters.
  • Fixed—Field values selected for a parent field were lost when you try to edit a single-select child flex field.
  • Fixed—The artifact Save and Save and Close buttons go unresponsive immediately after a failed save operation (typically when the Save or Save and Close failure was due to an invalid input for one or more tracker fields).
  • Fixed an issue with the getrolemembers and getprojectrolemembers REST APIs. Complete user details (including the user’s email and organization details) are now returned by these APIs.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the ETL incremental job from harvesting some of the flex fields in the extraction window (possibly because the flex fields were created just in time when the ETL job was also running).
  • Fixed an issue that caused a missing icon error while creating or editing activity reports.
  • Fixed the CopyWorkflow API that was causing an error when you clone an artifact with a workflow configured to have the Team field auto populated.
  • Fixed a pagination issue due to which the Jump to ID search for a post was taking you to the first page of the discussion that spans multiple pages. The Jump to ID search now takes you to the most recent post instead.
  • Fixed a CSS issue that caused the Site Wide Report zoomed out.
  • Fixed—Artifact updates done via the UI and CLI/SOAP were found to be saving the text flex field data (that span multiple lines) inconsistently with the \r\n and \n CRLF characters respectively. This caused dummy updates to the text flex fields on subsequent artifact updates even if the fields were not updated. While this fix can avert such dummy updates in the future, you may optionally run the script to fix existing tracker artifacts. See for more information.
  • Fixed—An exported artifact included the dependent parent artifact as well, even though the dependent parent artifact belonged to a different project where the user has no permissions whatsoever.
  • Fixed—Deleting a user makes the System User monitor the artifacts that were earlier assigned to the deleted user and this causes unwanted notification emails being sent to the System User.
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