The following noteworthy issues, including any workarounds we may have, are known to exist in the TeamForge 20.0 release. These issues would be resolved in an upcoming release.
  • Document filters are ignored (not shown) when you review or view a baseline (Review Baseline and View Baseline pages) that was created using a baseline definition that only has a single document folder with one or more AND/OR conditions selected.
  • CLI reports are not showing up on sites with Oracle database.
  • There is a discrepancy in reports which makes the Chart View for 6 months/Year/Max go blank even though there is data available, which the Grid View shows anyway.
  • In a SAML enabled site, in the absence of a valid session—when you hit a direct URL that has more than one parameter passed with it—you are redirected to the IDP login page and a TeamForge system error shows up immediately after a successful login.
  • The auto populate feature of the tracker workflow is not working for the Assigned To and flex fields (with parent—child relationship).

Known Issues with the New Documents List Page

  • The Document folder is no longer available or accessible error occurs when you access the Documents Root folder immediately after moving a top-level folder to another folder in the Documents tree. Refresh the page to get rid of this error.
  • Lazy-loading of a large number of documents makes the Documents List page unresponsive.
  • The new Documents List page goes unresponsive at times when you click a tag (from the Tag Cloud).
  • Anonymous guest users—despite having the required permissions—were not able to access the new Documents List page on public projects.
  • The new Documents List page has no Document download support in Internet Explorer 11.
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