To get your software into users' hands, upload your build to the Project Build Library.

Get the PBL Upload Client

You must download the script to transfer files into the Project Build Library.

The PBL upload client is free, open-source, and freely modifiable and distributable.

Download the PBL upload client from

Upload a File

To upload a file, run the upload command.

In this example, we upload a file named from our local machine into the public area of the project myproject, in the directory /foo/bar/baz/.

Run the upload command like this, substituting the correct values for your situation. upload --api-user=username --api-key=713cdf90-2549-1350-80c3-2d0bcf9a1697 --api-url http://$external_host/cubit_api/1 --project=myproject -t pub -r /foo/bar/baz -d "This is the description." /home/

Once this operation has completed, you can download this file from https://$external_host/myproject/pub/foo/bar/baz/

For other options of scrip, run help upload

Change the Description of a File

You can change the description associated with a file or directory without changing the file itself or the md5 checksum of the file.

In this example, you have already authenticated and saved your user name and key credentials in your home directory.

Run the changedesc command like this: changedesc -l http://$external_host/cubit_api/1 --project=myproject -t pub -r /foo/bar/baz/ -d "This is the new description"

Move a File

With the move command, you can move files or directories within a project, or even between projects.

The syntax for this command is a bit different than the rest of the commands, because the other commands only operate on one project or file or directory at a time, and that is not the case the the move operation.

To move a file, run the move command with these options. In the simplest case, we move a file, or a directory and all its contents, from one name to another.

Commands Description
--srcproj projname The name of the project the source file is located in.
--destproj projname The name of the project to move the file to. If left blank, defaults to value of --srcproj.
--srcpath path The path to the file or directory to move.
destpath path The destination path for the file or directory specified in --srcpath. Two important things to note about this option:
  • If you specify a path which does not exist, that path will be automatically created for you as part of the move.
  • If the --destpath parameter ends with a slash ("/"), the destination will be assumed to be a directory. If it does not end with a slash, the destination will be assumed to be a file. An example of this behavior is below. This is approximately how the UNIX "mv" command behaves.
--srctype {pub|priv} The visibility type of the source file, either "pub" or "priv".
--desttype {pub|priv} The visibility type of the destination file, either "pub" or "priv".
--force If the destination file exists, the --force option must be used to replace it. move -l http://$external_host/TeamForge Lab Management_api/1 --srcprj=myproject --srctype=pub --srcpath=/foo/bar/baz/ --destpath=/foo/bar/baz/

To move a file from one project to another, and also change it from public to private, run the command like this. move -l http://$external_host/TeamForge Lab Management_api/1 --srcprj=myproject --destproj=myproject_archive --srctype=pub --desttype=priv --srcpath=/foo/bar/baz/ --destpath=/foo/bar/baz/archive/



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