Run this script to fix data discrepancies that might arise as a result of deleting one of the Single-select, Multi-select or Status field values of documents.

If you have been using Single-select, Multi-select or Status flex fields in TeamForge Documents—and if you have inadvertently deleted one of the flex field values that was being used widely by existing documents—you will end up being unable to access the documents/document folders due to data discrepancy issues.

While TeamForge 20.1 has been fixed to prevent such deletions, you can run this script to fix such data discrepancy issues, if any, found with documents created in TeamForge 20.0 (or earlier).


[RUNTIME_DIR]/scripts/ [--run|-r] | [--projectId|-p] | [--help|-h]


The following parameters are available for the script.

Parameter Description
-r | --run Updates all the documents across all the projects. The more the number of documents you have, the longer it takes to complete.
-p | --projectId Updates all the documents in a given project.
-h | --help Provides a list of all available options for this script.



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