The following noteworthy issues, including any workarounds we may have, are known to exist in the TeamForge 20.1 release. These issues would be resolved in an upcoming release.
  • Exporting a project (Forklift) with Tasks data and importing it in TeamForge 20.1 (Simbel) is not possible. This will be fixed in TeamForge 20.2.
  • The Planning Folder filter is not cleared when you select None on the Create Baseline page.
  • Exporting artifacts from a planning folder with large number of artifacts may, at times, throw a proxy error.
  • As user preference data are not copied to project baselines, those data would not be available on the project home page when you create a project from a project baseline.
  • Wiki pages are not accessible on projects that are created from project baselines if the wiki pages were deleted from the source project.
  • Custom flex fields, if part of any Separator (Row, Column or Section), are not available in the Documents Advanced Search page.
  • The list of trackers shown in the Select Tracker Type drop-down list is inconsistent with the Baseline Create, Preview, View and Review pages.

Known Issues with the New Documents List Page

  • The list of users is not cleared for a new search when you click the Add User link (on the Monitoring Users modal) immediately after searching for a user.
  • Advanced search results are not refreshed after you delete/move/copy one of the documents from the search results.
  • It is not possible to scroll the list of projects on the Documents Move or Copy modal when you search for a project to move or copy the document to.
  • A simple search with keyword inside single quotes or curly braces throws an internal server error.
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