The TeamForge 20.2 release incorporates new features and enhancements that reinforce and expand the unique value of TeamForge. Read more to know what's new!

Release Information

  • Released on: Aug 6, 2020
  • GA Version: 20.2.556

Automatically Adjust Remaining and Actual Effort

The Estimated Effort, Remaining Effort and Actual Effort fields are user-editable text fields that accept any positive integer. Typically, the effort for an artifact is estimated when you create an artifact. Once estimated, the artifact is updated at regular intervals to keep the remaining and actual effort data up-to-date.

Though you can have the remaining and actual effort updated manually, the Effort Spent text field (along with the Automatically adjust Remaining and Actual Effort check box) comes in handy to have the Remaining Effort and Actual Effort fields adjusted automatically every time you record the effort you have spent on an artifact.

Effort Spent text field

For more information, see Automatically Adjust Remaining and Actual Effort.

Documents List Page Enhancements

Create New Documents and Folders
You can now create new documents and folders from the new Documents List page.
Click New and select Create Document or Create Folder for creating a new document or a new folder respectively. For more information, see Create New Documents and Document Folders.
Create new document/folder drop-down menu
Collapsible Side Navigation Pane
You can now expand/collapse the side navigation pane. Your expand/collapse preference persists throughout the current user session.
Collapsible side navigation pane
Horizontal Scroll Buttons
Horizontal scroll buttons are now available to scroll the new Documents List page horizontally. The leftmost ID: Name column is frozen and highlighted as you scroll the page to the right.
Horizontal page scroll buttons

Plus usability enhancements to breadcrumbs and the Monitoring Users modal window.

TeamForge Baselines

  • Hard-linking of baselined documents and FRS, introduced in TeamForge 20.1, is now well-rounded to allow deletion of baselined documents and FRS with no restrictions whatsoever.
  • With TeamForge 20.2 (and later), you can delete a baselined document (including its versions) and File Release (FRS package).
  • When documents and FRS are baselined, a hard-link is established between the baseline and the configuration items (documents and FRS), which lets you delete the documents and FRS packages without breaking the baselines that include them.
  • However, you cannot delete documents and FRS packages included as part of baselines created with TeamForge 20.0 or earlier.

Retain the Show/Hide Summary Preference Throughout the User Session

The expand/collapse Summary section of the Tracker, Planning Folder and Teams list views is collapsed by default. However, when you choose to have the Summary section expanded on any one of these list views, it remains expanded on the other list views as well—as long as you have a valid user session.

Show/Hide Summary section

Enable Caching for Baselines

Loading a large number of Nexus repositories while creating baslines or baseline definitions can last for longer durations—typically slowing down the entire process itself.

By enabling caching for Baselines (which is disabled by default) and setting up webhooks for the Nexus repositories, you can quickly load the list of Nexus repositories available to filter when you create or modify baselines or baseline definitions.

For more information, see Enable Caching for Baselines.

CVS End-of-Life

  • CVS is no longer supported by TeamForge 20.2 and later. You must migrate your CVS repositories to any of the other supported SCM tool (Git/SVN for example) when you upgrade to TeamForge 20.2 or later.
  • You must undeploy the cvs service and remove cvs from the host:SERVICES token of the site-options.conf file on all the TeamForge servers before you proceed with upgrading to TeamForge 20.2. For more information, see TeamForge 20.2 upgrade instructions.
  • The tf_cvs SELinux module and the LINUX_USERNAME_MODE_ENABLED site option token are deprecated.
  • As a measure of caution, back up the /cvsroot directory before upgrading to TeamForge 20.2.

View Artifacts That Are Not Assigned to Any Planning Folder

  • A new planning folder, None, is now available to select from the Select a Planning Folder drop-down list of the Planning Board swim lanes.
    View artifacts that are not assigned to any planning folder
  • Selecting None from the drop-down list populates the swim lane with all the artifacts that are not assigned to a planning folder yet (in other words, artifacts with None as Planning Folder).
  • This is to let you view the list of all artifacts that do not have a planning folder assigned yet.
  • You cannot rank or reorder the artifacts in the None swim lane like you do with artifacts from a normal planning folder.
  • Moving an artifact into the None swim lane strips the artifact of its rank and order.

TeamForge SCM—Enterprise Version Control

Highlights of TeamForge—Git Integration 20.2.11-2.16.22.

For more information, see release notes of vanilla Gerrit version v2.16.22

Git Repository Notifications Posted to Discussion Forums

  • A new Notification tab is now available to select the discussion forums to which the git repository event notifications are posted.
  • Notifications can be configired for repository events such as history re-writes, commits and submodule updates.
Git repository notification settings

Git Submodule Notifications

  • The Publish Notification button added to the Consumed By tab lets you publish Submodule notification messages.
  • The Submodule notifications is used to quickly notify changes to repository’s consumers.
  • Click Publish Notification, draft the subject and message body, and click Publish to send an instant notification to all the repository’s consumers.
    The Publish Notification button
    Subject and Message for notification email

Subversion File Locks

  • It’s now possible to know if a file has been locked or not by another user.
    File locked by a user
  • You can also lock/unlock a file, if required. By knowing who has a file locked, you can ask it to be unlocked for making changes.
    Lock a file

Improvements to the Code Browser and My Workspace

  • Show repository system name on the Repositories list page. This makes it easier to find a repository by its system name.

    As result, the repository title is no longer supported and is disconnected from repository system name.

  • Enable uploading of new files and new file versions to Subversion repositories.
  • Enable or disable a project’s publishing repository.
  • Support for Tags in the My Artifacts widget. It is now possible to filter artifacts by tags (one or more). You can also configure the My Artifacts widget to show tags.
  • List open reviews even if the repository review policy is set to “No review”. This ensures that existing open reviews are still listed when you change a repo’s code review policy to “No review”.
  • Filter repositories on both Submodules and Repository Consumers tabs.
  • Submodule creation: A new drop-down list to filter and select projects and repositories has been added.
  • Improvements to the diff between two patch sets of a pull request.
  • Enhanced the look and feel of the My Recent History widget.
  • Add default commit message title wherever applicable in the code browser web UI.
  • Consistent look and feel of the Submodules and Consumers tabs.
  • Use review number rather than Gerrit changeId in code browser URLs.

REST API Changes

  • Added a REST API for discussion forum to:
    • Create forums
    • List forums for a project
    • Post messages to a forum
  • Improved REST endpoint for filtering artifacts.
    • It now supports queries with different contexts (across projects, across trackers, single project, single tracker and so on).
    • In addition to the basic artifact fields, clients can request to include additional fields in the response such as flexFields, trackerIcon, plannningFolderTitle and teamTitle.

Script to Analyze the Optimal Gerrit Configuration

A new script,, is now available at /opt/collabnet/gerrit/scripts to analyze and recommend changes to the gerrit.config parameters based on your hardware setup.

CVS Adpater Is No Longer Supported

TeamForge no longer supports CVS. As a result, CVS adapter too is no longer supported. You must migrate or archive your CVS repositories before upgrading to TeamForge 20.2 and later.

Install / Upgrade

  • TeamForge 20.2 supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS versions 6.10 and 7.8.
  • Support for TeamForge—Nexus integration with versions 3.23.0 and 3.24.0.
  • DevOps TeamForge license is no longer available.
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