TeamForge 20.3 is now available.

TeamForge 20.3 brings you many more salient features and fixes, which include:

  • Delete Baseline Definitions
  • Export Tracker Artifacts—Tags as an Exportable Field
  • The New Documents List Page Enhancements
  • TeamForge WebConnect User Interface
  • TeamForge SCM—Enterprise Version Control
    • Code Reviews as TeamForge Objects
    • Tracker Level Commit Governance
    • Extended File/Folder Operations
    • Gerrit Upgrade from Version 2.16 to 3.2
  • Integrations—Support for Nexus 3.28 and Jira 8.12
  • Replace Standalone Executors with Managed Executor—MASS IMPORT THREADS COUNT
  • TeamForge Qualified on Microsoft Edge

For more information, see: