Here's what's new with the TeamForge 20.3 REST APIs as compared to TeamForge 20.2.

TeamForge Baselines API

New REST API to delete Baseline definitions.
POST {HostName}/ctfrest/baseline/v1/router/definitions/{baselineDefId}
Deletes a baseline definition. You must have the DELETE/VIEW BASELINE DEFINITION permission assigned to delete baseline definitions. Adding a comment is mandatory when you delete a baseline definition. For example, you must pass the following comment attribute when you delete a baseline definition with this API.
	"comment": "Deleting baseline definition bdef1002 as it's obsolete."

Source Code Management API

New REST APIs to get SCM commits, commit data, and files associated with a commit.
Get SCM commits—GET {HostName}/scm/v1/commits?container=&id=&dateCreated=&createdBy=&searchText=
Get SCM commit data—GET {HostName}/scm/v1/commits/{commitId}?includeRevisionFileOnly={true/false}
Get SCM files in a commit—GET {HostName}/scm/v1/commits/{commitId}/files?revisionFileOnly={true/false}

Foundation API

New REST API to check whether a user can perform requested operation(s) on TeamForge objects.
GET {HostName}/ctfrest/codesearch/v1/objects/{objectid}/permissions

Document Management API

Create Document API updated to include document URL.
POST /ctfrest/docman/v1/documentfolders/{docfolderid}/documents
Added two new JSON properties—urlContent and saveAndIgnoreURLError

TeamForge Baselines
TeamForge Baselines API Documentation
TeamForge Webconnect (also known as Webhooks-based Event Broker—WEBR)
TeamForge WEBR API Documentation
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