To allow some CollabNet TeamForge users to use one or more CollabNet TeamForge tools across several projects, create site-wide roles with specific project permissions, minus site administrative permissions. Assign these site-wide roles to those who may need to access the project tools in any project.

For example, you may want a user to be able to use the “Tracker” across several projects. You don’t need to create and assign a role supporting the task individually across all projects. Just do it one time as a site-wide role and assign it to the user.

  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click Roles from the Projects menu.
  3. Click Create.
  4. On the Create Site-wide Role page, write a name and description for the role. The role name is case-sensitive.
  5. To prevent inheritance of the role into private projects, select the PREVENT ACCESS option.
  6. Click Create. The site-wide role is created. The Edit Site-wide Role Permissions page appears.
  7. Select the required project permissions listed on the ROLE PERMISSIONS tab, to match the tasks you want the user with that role to perform.

    The role is created. You can assign it to site members at any time.