Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 20.3.
  • Fixed—Text rendering and formatting issues on Microsoft Edge browser—Line breaks added to artifact comments and descriptions were ignored and the text content was overlapping with each other.
  • Fixed—CLI reports generated to view artifacts that are not assigned to any planning folder (select None from the Planning Folder drop-down list when you create the report) show no data even if there are artifacts that do not belong to any planning folder.
  • Fixed—Tracker artifacts are not updated when you try to update artifacts by email that has JPEG image attachments.
  • Fixed—Markdown code snippet markup rendering issue—code snippets added to artifact description were not rendered as expected.
  • Fixed—Hyperlinks to access baselined binaries were not working when you work with TeamForge Baselines on Microsoft IE 11.
  • Fixed—Custom date field allows users to type and save an invalid date (arbitrarily accepts five or more digits for year) and users were not able to edit the date field thereafter.
  • Fixed—The WEBR log message (/opt/collabnet/teamforge/log/webr/service.log) for WEBR down exceptions was generic. Better to log the actual server error for more clarity.
  • Fixed—Lengthy release titles—if selected for the Fixed in Release and Reported in Release fields—are not scrollable.
  • Fixed—Certain fields such as Description and Assigned To go blank when you clone or print an artifact that contains text enclosed inside curly braces (for example, {{artf description}} ) in its description.
  • Fixed—Not able to view git tags (of source code repositories) on the Baseline pages if the git tag names contain the # character.
  • Fixed—File names of documents attached to document review notification emails are truncated if the file names are too long.
  • Fixed—Not able to delete project templates (created in earlier versions of TeamForge) post upgrade to TeamForge 20.2.
  • Fixed—Associations between deleted users and user-type artifact flex fields were not removed when you delete users.
  • Fixed—Adding tags to artifacts via Mass Update was not possible.
  • Fixed—It is not possible to delete a user that’s monitoring a document or a folder from within the Monitoring Users modal window.
  • Fixed—New Documents List page: It is not possible to move a document folder if it has one or more baselined documents.
  • Fixed—While moving an artifact (with children) around Planning Board swimlanes, the child artifacts are left behind as you move the parent artifact from the None swimlane to a planning folder’s swimlane.

TeamForge SCM Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in TeamForge—Git Integration 20.3.10-3.2.3.

  • Index failure during migration for git reviews with review rules
  • Browsing a Git repository replica is not working as expected
  • Too many PersistenceException on the RepositoryConsumer entity
  • Replicate persisted replication events on Gerrit Master startup

For vanilla Gerrit 3.2.3 bug fixes, see Bug Fixes in Gerrit 3.2.3.

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