The TeamForge 21.1 release incorporates new features and enhancements that reinforce and expand the unique value of TeamForge. Read more to know what's new!

Release Information

  • Released on: Jun 30, 2021
  • GA Version: 21.1.300

TeamForge License Framework

The TeamForge license framework has been revamped in TeamForge 21.1.

The new TeamForge license model consists of the following license types:

  • ALM Pro
  • ALM Essentials
  • SCM

Here’s the list of changes to the TeamForge license model.

  • The Version Control, Collaboration, and Trackers license types are no longer available in TeamForge 21.1 and later
  • The ALM and Baselines license types are bundled together and are being offered as the new ALM Pro license

When you migrate from TeamForge 21.0 or earlier to TeamForge 21.1 or later:

  • Existing ALM licenses are migrated to ALM Pro
  • All other types of licenses such as Baselines, Version Control, Tracker, and Collaboration are deleted

For more information, see TeamForge License.

Tracker Description as a Configurable Field

TeamForge Tracker’s Description field is now a mandatory configurable field, for which you can define a default value too. The use case here is to allow Tracker and Project Admins to add a default description template for trackers to guide users who create tracker artifacts.

Tracker Description as a configurable field
Default value for the Description field

Usability Improvements to User-Role and User Group-Role Matrixes

  • The Name column of the User-Role and User Group-Role matrixes is now frozen as you scroll through the table horizontally.
  • The Global Roles and Roles Created for This Project are now grouped under two separate color-coded table headers.

    UI enhancements to the User-Role and User Group-Role matrices


Here’s a list of what’s new with integrations supported by TeamForge 21.1.

  • Support for Nexus 3.30—TeamForge 21.1 supports integration with Nexus 3.30.1. For more information, see Install or Upgrade the TeamForge—Nexus Integration Plugin.
  • Java-based TeamForge Binaries application—The cn-binary service (TeamForge Binaries application)—which was built using Ruby on Rails—has been rebuilt using Java in TeamForge 21.1.

TeamForge SCM—Enterprise Version Control

TeamForge—Git Integration 21.1.1-3.2.8

For more information about vanilla Gerrit version 3.2.8, see Gerrit 3.2.8 Release Notes.

Set up Git—Slack Integration

You can now integrate TeamForge-Git with Slack and have notifications about certain Gerrit events posted to a Slack channel. For more information, see Set up Git—Slack Integration

Usability Enhancements

  • You can now mark review comments in a code review as resolved/unresolved. Unresolved review comments, if any, are automatically posted for resolution when the repository maintainer tries to merge the code change. In addition, a warning message appears when you try to merge a review with unresolved inline comments.

    Warning about unresolved inline comments
  • Usability improvements to provide greater visibility and easier access to commit associations and review associations within the Code Browser making it simpler and faster to locate and access related artifacts, documents, and other assets.

Install / Upgrade

TeamForge 21.1 supports
  • RHEL 8.4 and RHEL/CentOS 7.9
  • OpenJDK 11.0.11
  • PostgreSQL 11.12
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