Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 21.1.
  • Fixed—PostgreSQL, Nexus and Sweet32 vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed—Files with same names—added to artifacts as attachments—were not downloadable using CLI.
  • Fixed—Long document file names were truncated (with ellipsis added to the file names) in the New Documents pages.
  • Fixed—Not able to download a branch as a Zip folder if the branch name consists of the # character.
  • Fixed—The TrackerIncrementalJob was failing post upgrade. FIxed the ETL job to filter our unwanted dataset.
  • Fixed—Not able to apply the CollabNet Security Realm after upgrading to Jenkins version 2.266.
  • Fixed—Users with the View User Membership permission were not able to search for and filter users in the User Membership page.
  • Fixed—Binary repositories that are part of a Baseline were not included in the Baseline package when the package creation process ends abruptly due to unhandled exceptions/errors.
  • Fixed—Users with Korean locale (in User Settings) were not able to delete SVN repositories.
  • Fixed—Javamelody plugin does not display the graphs on standalone Gerrit server due to missing fontconfig package. See this FAQ for more information.
  • Fixed—The test script at /opt/collabnet/teamforge/add-ons/CN-cliserver—used to verify the CLI server installation—fails if you have a wiki named test in the default look project.
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