The TeamForge 21.2 release incorporates new features and enhancements that reinforce and expand the unique value of TeamForge. Read more to know what's new!

Release Information

  • Released on: Oct 29, 2021
  • GA Version: 21.2.207-482

Usability Enhancements—Document View and Document Review pages

Documents View and Review pages have been revamped for better usability.

New Document View page
New Document Review tab

Changes include:

  • Icons for actions such as Add Association, Delete Version, and Mark as Active
    Action icons to Add Association, Delete Version, and Mark as Active
  • Some of the column names have been renamed on some of the tabs such as Change Log and Review
  • Modal-based Document Review UIs with:
    • better widgets for actions such as adding reviewers, selecting due dates, and submitting review responses
    • icons for actions such as Send Reminder Email, Edit Review, and Close Review

      Action icons to Send Reminder Email, Edit Review, and Close Review
      Add User widget to search and select reviewers

Usability Enhancements—All Projects Page—Add or Remove Multiple Projects to/from Favorites

The My Workspace > All Projects tab has been enhanced to let you select multiple projects and add them or remove from favorites in one go.

All Projects tab with Add to Favorites and Remove from Favorites buttons

Usability Enhancements—Source Code Replicas tab

The Source Code Replicas tab has been revamped for better usability. Changes include:

  • Sticky Repository Name column as you scroll the table horizontally
  • Paginated view for navigating the list of repositories in case you have a large number of repositories
    Sticky first column and pagination
  • Repository Name filter to let you filter the list of repositories by name
    Filter by repository name

TeamForge—Release Integration

  • TeamForge 21.2 supports integration with Release.
  • New integration with Release enables users to model, automate, and orchestrate their TeamForge release processes, providing complete control over the release process improving management, tracking, and optimization.
  • For more information, see TeamForge—Release Inetgartion.

TeamForge—Nexus Integration

Support for Nexus 3.34—TeamForge 21.2 supports integration with Nexus 3.34. For more information, see Install or Upgrade the TeamForge—Nexus Integration Plugin.

Install / Upgrade

TeamForge 21.2 library upgrades
  • Nexus 3.34.0
  • Jboss Wildfly 22.0
  • Tomcat 9.0.52
  • PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.23
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