Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 21.2.
  • Fixed the import artifact feature to show an appropriate error message when dependency creation fails (due to parent and child not being in the same planning folder hierarchy).
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities around HTTP security Headers, HTTP (dangerous) methods, and so on.
  • Fixed an issue due to which the URL for the Baseline app configuration was shown in the Admin page even if the Baselines component was not installed.
  • Fixed—Binary repositories that are part of a Baseline were not included in the Baseline package when the package creation process ends abruptly due to unhandled exceptions/errors.
  • Fixed an issue with the Effort field’s data type—it’s no longer exported as Text type data when you export artifacts to Excel.
  • Fixed the tools TeamForge CLI command, which was throwing an exception even if the command was successfully executed.
  • Fixed the Baselines app to read the SVN URI from the site-options.conf file (instead of using the default /svn/repos/).
  • Fixed the File Releases chart (Project Statistics) to show the right number of Releases that are created.

TeamForge SCM—Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect links to commit and project in Webhooks.
  • Fixed the Git tag not found error that occurs in Baselines when you click the Git tag link (with # in it) after creating the baseline.
  • Optimized the queries that are used to fetch the recent Git/SVN commit object IDs for the logged in user.
  • Fixed the duplicate email address issue that prevented users from creating Pull Requests—remove the duplicated email address from the obsolete user by executing the following command on your Gerrit server: ssh -p 29481 <gerrit-server-host> gerrit set-account --delete-email <duplicated-email> <obsolete-user-name>.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from creating Review Board review requests on repositories that were moved (cut and paste) between projects.
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