Here's what's new with the TeamForge 22.0 REST APIs as compared to TeamForge 21.2.
  • POST /artifacts/filter—Fixed an issue due to which the API call failed when the payload has Epoch timestamp.
  • GET /projecttemplates—Fixed an issue due to which the API call allowed anonymous users to see information about project templates including the usernames of those who created them.
  • PATCH /ctfrest/tracker/v1/fields/{fieldId}—Fixed an issue due to which the API call fails with a 500 response code if the user tries to pass more than one field value.
  • PATCH /projects/{projectid}/workflow and PATCH /trackers/{trackerId}/workflow—Fixed an issue to show the right response code when the user tries to update a non-existing tracker workflow.
  • POST /trackers/{trackerId}/fields—Removed the defaultValueText validation even if the required parameter is set to true.

TeamForge Baselines
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TeamForge Webconnect (also known as Webhooks-based Event Broker—WEBR)
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