The following pages are either added or updated for TeamForge 20.3.

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Create, View, and Delete Baseline Definitions A Baseline Definition is the filter criteria that is used to create a Baseline from a set of selected configuration items such as Tracker Artifacts, Document...
FAQs on Git/Gerrit/History Protection These are some of the frequently asked questions on TeamForge-Git integration, Git history protection and so on.
Install or Upgrade the TeamForge—Nexus Integration Plugin Once you have your Nexus server set up, install the TeamForge-Nexus integration plugin.
Plan Your Installation / Upgrade Plan your installation or upgrade setup, hardware and software requirements and so on before you begin.
Set up Git Replica Servers On sites distributed across multiple geographic locations, Git Replica Servers are local and remote mirror servers that can provide up-to-date copies of the ...
Configure Your Site's Settings Use the Configure Application tool to define your site level TeamForge settings.
Export Tracker Artifacts To use the contents of artifacts from a tracker or a planning folder in other applications, export them to a CSV, XML, Excel or tab-delimited file.
TeamForge WebConnect UIs TeamForge 20.3 brings you intuitive UIs for TeamForge WebConnect (also known as TeamForge WEBR). You can now use the UIs to accomplish tasks such as creating...